Alexander Römer

Attorney (Germany) | Specialist for insolvency and reorganisation law | Partner

Alexander Römer, Portrait
Kennedyplatz 2
+49 221 33660 334
Ulmenstrasse 30
Frankfurt am Main
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Meckenheimer Allee 148
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aroemer [at]

Alexander Römer is appointed by courts in North-Rhine Westphalia, Rhineland-Palatinate and Hesse as an insolvency administrator. He also works as a lawyer, advising on insolvency and reorganisations.



Alexander Römer is currently appointed as an insolvency administrator and receiver etc. by six courts in North-Rhine Westphalia (Cologne, Bonn), Rhineland-Palatinate (Montabaur, Neuwied, Cochem) and Hesse (Friedberg). His area of focus is the continuation and restructuring of all sizes of company in insolvency proceedings.

Many years of experience in insolvency administration and a variety of different types of insolvency proceedings, for example in the automotive, media, real estate, renewable energies and healthcare sectors, enables Mr Römer to quickly find and implement practical solutions, thanks to the specific knowledge he has gained, especially in proceedings in which action is required quickly.

He offers advice on insolvency and restructuring.

Alexander Römer regularly publishes articles on insolvency law in trade magazines, such as NZI and NZG.

Alexander Römer has been a visiting lecturer at the European University of Applied Sciences (EUFH) in Brühl since 2015.


Alexander Römer has been a partner at GÖRG Insolvenzverwaltung Partnerschaft von Rechtsanwälten since 2016 mbB.

Before joining GÖRG in 2010, he worked as a lawyer at a firm of insolvency administrators in Cologne.

Following his degree in law at the University of Cologne, Alexander Römer completed his legal training in Aachen with clerkships in Cologne and Bonn. He was admitted to the bar in 2009.

To increase his knowledge of insolvency law, Alexander Römer successfully completed a specialist course in insolvency law at Hagen Law School. He has held the title “specialist for insolvency law” since 2017. In addition, Mr Römer successfully completed the qualification “Certified Restructuring and Reorganisation Experts (RWS)” in 2018.

Memberships and awards

  • German Bar Association (DAV)
  • Cologne Bar Association (KAV)
  • FORUM Junge Insolvenzverwalter (Young Insolvency Administrators’ FORUM)
  • ARGE Insolvenzrecht und Sanierung (Insolvency Law and Restructuring)
  • ARGE Zwangsverwaltung (Receivership)
  • Certified Restructuring and Reorganisation Experts (RWS)

Teaching activities and lectures

  • Visiting lecturer at the European University of Applied Sciences (EUFH) in Brühl since 2015

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