Dr. Hagen Strippelmann

Lawyer | Associate

Dr Hagen Strippelmann, Portrait
Location Cologne
Kennedyplatz 2
+49 221 33660 965
hstrippelmann [at] goerg.de

Dr Hagen Strippelmann offers national and international companies advice in the area of labour law.

Client Services
Labour and Employment Law


Dr Hagen Strippelmann advises national and international companies on all issues regarding individual and collective labour law. In particular, he has considerable experience in the labour law aspects of corporate acquisitions, reorganisations and restructurings, negotiation of corporate agreements and (company) collective agreements, as well as industrial constitution law.   

One industrial focus in the area of logistics.


Dr Hagen Strippelmann is a lawyer at GÖRG Partnerschaft von Rechtsanwälten mbB.

After studying law at the University of Jena, Dr Hagen Strippelmann completed his legal training in Koblenz with clerkships at an international business law firm in Düsseldorf, an employer association in Düsseldorf, and at a company in the steel sector in Duisburg. He then gained a doctorate in law from the University of Bonn under Prof Dr Stefan Greiner, with a thesis on a labour law matter.

He was admitted to the bar in 2015.



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