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GÖRG Rechtsanwälte – Philosophy

Our business philosophy

Efficient, personal service – not only in Germany

Thanks to our extensive network of offices, our clients are guaranteed local and personal advice.
In addition, our partner-oriented approach means that a fully informed contact person is available at all times. With access to all the relevant information about your company or project, he or she can ensure that we remain properly focused, thereby saving time.

Our size and structure enable us to provide a highly efficient service for large and small transactions alike – and not only in Germany. Since many of our projects have an international element, we regularly team up with leading law firms in other countries, with whom we have developed strong links.

A further advantage of our independent status is the fact that we can deliver precisely the right kind of international expertise that you need for the case on hand. Coordinating the activities of our non-German colleagues is a part of our service.

Committed to your success

At GÖRG, we know that your success is also our success – we are committed to helping you with fresh approaches to achieve your objectives.
Our business is built on professional expertise, openness and responsiveness. The enduring client relationships we have established over the years demonstrate that we are on the right path.