We are specialists with an eye for the big picture

Our clients expect tailor-made solutions. We make them a reality.

This is the goal our partners commit to for each individual assignment. Their many years of experience have fostered strategies that enable extraordinary solutions in circumstances where schematic approaches get stuck.

Comprehensive in all aspects

The tasks our clients entrust us with relate to all matters of commercial law. To this end, we have created various specialist departments whose members are proven experts in their fields.

We collaborate closely in expert groups across different locations. The quality of our work depends on this particular combination of professional expertise and personal networks. Each individual lawyer and the team as a whole can rely on the firm's pooled knowledge.

Our proven and experienced experts support you in your daily business as well as in large-scale transactions and project development.

We understand the economy and are familiar with sector-specific environments and requirements, based on our own experience and perspective.

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