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Explore your individual professional development options at the GÖRG Academy by Bucerius, and begin a successful career at GÖRG.

GÖRG Akademie

Professional development to success

GÖRG guarantees its clients high quality advice. This quality is based substantially on continuous and structured further development and qualification of staff members. GÖRG keeps minds moving; after all, business never stands still either. Take the opportunity to develop further at the highest level.

Our Academy programme

The GÖRG Academy by Bucerius makes tailored, high-quality professional training possible, from entry programmes for associates to specialised training for our experienced lawyers. The anchor point of the GÖRG Academy is the structured and continued development of you as a lawyer.

Your view of the big picture in your daily case work at GÖRG is indispensable: understanding economic relationships and having strong social and business skills are very important for us in order to advise our clients in a focused and efficient manner.

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The Academy programme is developed in cooperation with Bucerius Education, and is oriented to your personal career. It includes the following core areas:

  • Business management skills
  • Management and leadership competencies
  • Professional expertise

Our instructors and lecturers are specialists in their areas, and have many years of experience in the legal branch. As well as this, the Academy curriculum is not rigid, but rather continues to change every year.

Do you want to learn more? No problem!

In addition to the extensive courses offered by the GÖRG Academy, we also support your participation in external seminars and courses. English courses are offered at some GÖRG offices, to help strengthen your international client relationships. And you can gain valuable professional experience during a secondment at a companion law firm abroad or at another GÖRG location.

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