Career entry at GÖRG - a good choice

An interview with Sebastian Schäfer about starting his career at GÖRG, from clerk to associate.

Sebastian Schäfer

Case report

Sebastian Schäfer, an associate in labour law, started at GÖRG as a legal clerk. He reports here about the first days, his mentor and the colleagues who became friends.

I’ve been at GÖRG since 2018, although I started two years earlier as a legal clerk on Dr Marcus Richter’s team. Dr Richter is a partner in labour law. My first personal contact to GÖRG was during the summer festival at the University of Cologne, which GÖRG had sponsored with fresh Koelsch.

GÖRG was my first choice since I highly value advancement opportunities, and the company does not have strict structures that would prevent me from working with other legal areas. Also, the relationship between work schedule and salary played a role.

My first day at work can be described as a big reunion with former colleagues and fellow students. I was warmly welcomed and directly involved in active work.  For me, that means that I was allowed to attend court hearings early on, became a contact for clients, and quickly took on responsibility. Shortly after I began, all of the new associates across Germany met at a welcome event.

My relationship with colleagues and partners is always completely on a equal basis. We are quite a young team and benefit from mutual sharing of knowledge. On Fridays we enjoy meeting up in our own “Bickendorfer Büdchen” for after work drinks.

Meeting partners at eye level

We plan my individual career together

I have a mentor-mentee relationship with the partner assigned me, Marcus Richter. I have the opportunity to benefit from his expertise as well as to collaborate with other partners in labour law. This kind of ‘pool’ system makes it possible to get an idea of different approaches, and choose what is best for me. My own suggestions, ideas and, sometimes even critique are also welcomed. During the annual performance review with my mentor, we discuss my professional development, expectations and objectives. My personal wishes are always taken into consideration, and I have the freedom to design my career path individually.

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