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Have you already completed the state or university section of the first state examination?

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Become part of our teamand benefit from top-class training by our experienced lawyers. You are assigned to a maximum of only one or two partners from the very beginning. You can also participate in the renown Kaiserseminare revision course for in-house and external seminar events, and participate in exam courses. You will receive free access to the online review course Lecturio. We also offer you the possibility to participate in business English courses.

Wissenschaftliche Mitarbeit bei GÖRG

We hold regular in-house events for prospective lawyers, where you can share information with colleagues. In addition, you can enjoy a high level of schedule flexibility during your time with us.

Precision, professional expertise and cross-departmental cooperation let us ensure the high quality that our clients expect from us every day - both for national and international projects.

Are you interested in being a research assistant at GÖRG? Then apply for your preferred legal area. We also gladly accept unsolicited applications.

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Experience report

Lena Walker is part of our Infrastructure, Environment and Energy core specialisation, and has been working there as a research assistant, or as a fully qualified lawyer in part-time employment since completing her law clerkship. Learn how she manages to reconcile her doctorate and career.

What does your work schedule currently look like?
I have been working as a research assistant in the Infrastructure, Environment and Energy core specialisation under Dr Thomas Christner and Thoralf Herbold since 2016. The flexibility of my bosses has allowed me to adjust my working schedule to the needs of my dissertation. Basically, I have fixed work days, which makes it easier to plan. My team also makes it possible for me to participate in events that are interesting for my dissertation by flexibly swapping work days with me.

How much time is made for your dissertation, and can you actually use this time effectively?
My work as a research assistant is a very good complement for my doctorate. Unlike some academic chair jobs, the agreed work schedule is maintained. The fixed work schedule also means that I can keep my mind free on days when I work on my dissertation. No one expects me to be available or accessible beyond my work hours, and that is a great relief.

Why did you decide to not continue with your doctorate after the first state examination?
Besides better pay when you have the second state examination, the primary advantage, in my opinion, is that you don’t have to be constantly thinking about upcoming exams during the doctoral work. Many doctoral candidates think they need to begin their clerkships prematurely because they are afraid that they will forget too much of the material or will be “too old”. The result is often that the clerkships are very stressful because of work they still need to do for their dissertation or, they completely lose sight of their work on the dissertation. Plus, after a clerkship, one normally has a better idea of the direction one wants to go in professionally, and can gear the doctorate work accordingly.

Do you have a fixed time plan, and what are your plans for starting your career?
Before I started my doctorate, I first worked freelance on other interesting projects. I would like to complete my actual doctorate within two years. Since I feel very comfortable with my team, I could definitely imagine starting as a lawyer at GÖRG afterwards.


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