IT & Outsourcing

In collaboration with you, we will work out the details of legal requirements, develop tailor-made solutions and represent your interests during negotiations.

New technologies continually offer companies new opportunities and possibilities. They open up markets and establish the basis for innovative business models.

However, they often go hand in hand with challenges that must be evaluated and handled from a legal perspective. We will support you as a partner, working together to ensure that you can benefit optimally from the opportunities of digitalisation.

The ongoing process of digitalisation represents both a challenge and an opportunity.

Understanding and implementing digitalisation

IT law

In a globally competitive environment, a modern, functional IT infrastructure is absolutely essential for every company. At the same time, the procurement, introduction and upkeep of new hardware and software solutions pose complex challenges from a technical and legal perspective. This also applies for the purchase of IT-based services. Continuously adapted service models such as managed services, cloud computing or software as a service lead to increasing specialisation when it comes to overall legal conditions.

We will assist you as a partner in all these areas with our professional expertise. In collaboration with you, we will work out the details of legal requirements where needed, develop tailor-made contract drafts and represent your interests during subsequent negotiations.

E-commerce and digitalisation

We ensure that websites and e-commerce platforms are compliant with all legal requirements and support you in matters of data protection and IT security.

During digitalisation projects, we will help you in arranging the overall conditions for digital services, introducing new online platforms or setting up cooperative projects with innovative start-ups.


Outsourcing responsibilities to external service providers is now an essential component of most company strategies. The outsourcing models used in this regard have become increasingly more specialised and flexible, which is also reflected in trends such as cloud computing.

We have assisted clients successfully in national and cross-border outsourcing projects since the 1990s. Thanks to this extensive experience, we can also support your projects with the highest degree of specialist expertise. We know and understand the different starting points, needs and typical negotiation positions for outsourcing service providers as well as their clients.

IT and business process outsourcing

Complex outsourcing projects require a great deal of expertise in numerous areas of law. In addition to conventional contract law, labour law and data protection law generally play an important role. Sector-specific regulatory requirements are a common factor, for instance in the finance and insurance sector.

We can bring in proven experts from our firm in all relevant matters whenever necessary. In this way, we can guarantee you rapid, solution-oriented advice for all legal considerations at the highest level.

In addition to conventional IT outsourcing, our practice specialises in business process outsourcing projects and similar long-term business relationships. We support our clients when procuring services in fields such as facility management, call centres, purchasing, logistics and payroll accounting.

Advice from a single source

We offer you comprehensive solutions and provide the expertise of our specialists in all related legal areas – corporate law and labour law, supervisory law, tax law and all other applicable legal subdisciplines.

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