Private Clients

We provide personalised, confidential advice for all your commercial law, fiscal law and inheritance law matters as well as with internal and external succession planning.

Our private client consultants find solutions to your individual issues. As lawyers and tax consultants we have extensive experience in providing commercial law, fiscal law and inheritance law advice to high-net-worth individuals, family-run companies and their directors. Our legal expertise is complemented by in-depth knowledge of the commercial and psychological aspects of business.

We have already successfully assisted with numerous corporate successions and estate planning.

Our experience, subject-matter expertise and an understanding of business allows us to reliably safeguard your assets on an ongoing basis.

Safeguarding your assets on an ongoing basis

Our team of lawyers and tax consultants provide individual, tailored advice on all your legal and fiscal issues in conjunction with your assets, in particular with regard to your company.

Our specialists ensure that your assets are maintained long-term. We cover all relevant areas of law with our interdisciplinary approach, including commercial law, fiscal law, contract law, foundation law and inheritance law.


Comprehensive advice from a single provider

We advise companies and high-net-worth individuals on all national and international asset structuring issues as well as estate planning and company succession. This includes complex investment structures, establishing domiciles abroad and potential change of residency. We take into consideration both company and family aspects. 

Our team has extensive experience in planning company successions, fiscal planning and advising foundations. We also provide assistance with drawing up prenuptial agreements, drafting wills and resolving family disputes.

Well connected cross-border experts

We have very close links with international firms operating in your jurisdiction. This network of experienced private client experts allows us to provide you with advice on cross-border matters if required. We also represent foreign clients who have financial interests in Germany.

GÖRG is independent – and therefore not bound to deal with specific partner firms. We would, therefore, be glad to work together with any of your preferred firms towards your goals.

We can be trusted with your assets

Our private client services are based on trustworthy collaboration with our clients. Your issues are treated with the utmost confidentiality and discretion. Our consultants also have the necessary delicacy required in this highly sensitive field alongside their comprehensive legal expertise.

Main areas of advice:

  • Advising family-run and owner-operated companies
  • Succession planning
  • Drafting wills
  • Accelerated inheritance (gifts)
  • Acquisition of companies, management buy-ins/buy-outs
  • Restructuring companies
  • Prenuptial agreements
  • Foundations
  • Emigration
  • Cross-border gifts and transfer of assets

Did you know?

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Der Unternehmerjurist Thomas Winkemann
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With "Der Unternehmerjurist" GÖRG presents its latest regular video format. The ten-minute videos address practical questions of medium-sized entrepreneurs and show possible solutions from the entrepreneur's point of view presented by Dr. Thomas Winkemann.*


Watch now on YouTube!


* Please note that the videos are only avavilable in German.

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