GÖRG wins insolvency expert Torsten Martini

Berlin, 01.03.2022

GÖRG's insolvency administration practice continues to grow and gets a prominent addition: Prof. Dr. Torsten Martini (49), previously managing partner at Leonhardt Rattunde in Berlin, will join GÖRG's Berlin office on 1 April 2022, where he will strengthen the existing unit around the established partners Hartwig Albers and Sascha Feies and, together with them, further expand the practice at the location. 

Torsten Martini has gained national recognition through insolvency proceedings such as Aktiv Schuh, KTG Energie and Göttinger Gruppe. He is regularly appointed by the Berlin-Charlottenburg Insolvency Court and by numerous courts in Brandenburg, but also by the Cologne Local Court, which will give further impetus to GÖRG's traditionally strong Cologne administrator practice. In the KTG Energie insolvency, both sides have already proven that they can work together successfully. Torsten Martini acted as court-appointed trustee, while GÖRG partners Dr. Thorsten Bieg and Prof. Dr. Gerrit Hölzle led the company through self-administration as restructuring directors. 

Torsten Martini sees considerable potential in his switch to GÖRG: "The development of insolvency law in recent years towards a recognised reorganisation instrument, the establishment of self-administration and, last but not least, the possibilities for pre-insolvency reorganisation created by the StaRUG require a strong interplay between restructuring and insolvency practice, which hardly any other law firm in the German market can offer in the same quality and capacity as GÖRG. We are excellently positioned there in the team for the challenges of the coming years."

Dr. Christian Wolf, Cologne restructuring partner and member of the GÖRG management team, sees Torsten Martini's joining as the logical continuation of a success story: "We have had very good experience with renowned lateral entrants in insolvency administration over one and a half decades. Starting in 2008 with Jörg Nerlich and Jörg Bornheimer, through the expansion in 2013 in the north with Gerrit Hölzle and the large team around Thorsten Bieg, to the addition of Holger Leichtle and Tim Beyer in 2020. Torsten Martini is one of the leading administrators in his generation, and we are certain that with him we are taking another important step forward. The number of insolvency cases will rise again sooner or later. Now is the right time to position ourselves strategically for this. I can think of no better candidate for this than Torsten Martini." 

Sascha Feies, an established GÖRG administrator in Berlin, has nothing but positive things to say about the change as well: "Our Berlin insolvency practice will gain considerable clout with the addition of Torsten Martini." Gerrit Hölzle, head of GÖRG's insolvency practice, adds: "Torsten Martini is a recognised figure not only regionally, but above all nationally. He is an excellent personal fit for the team. With him, we are consistently continuing our growth by adding first-class colleagues and are positioning ourselves today at the highest level of quality for the challenges of tomorrow."

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