The tension between payment services legislation and gambling laws (only available in German language)


Im Spannungsverhältnis zwischen dem Recht des Zahlungsverkehrs und dem Glücksspielrecht [The tension between payment services legislation and gambling laws]

Zugleich Anmerkung zu LG München I, Urteil vom 28.2.2018 - 27 0 11716/17, ZfWG 2019, 318, und OLG München, Hinweisverfugung vom 6.2.2019 -19 U 793/18, ZfWG 2019, 321 [With a comment on the decision of the Munich Regional Court I, decision dated 28 February 2018, 27 O 11716/17, ZfWG 2019 at 318 and the reference order of the Munich Higher Regional Court dated 6 February 2019, 19 U 793/18, ZfWG 2019 at 321]

Erschienen in ZfWG 3/4/19, S.235-239 [Published in ZfWG 3/4/19, p. 235-239]

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