GÖRG partner Prof. Dr. Gerrit Hölzle appointed as provisional trustee of Kasper-Elektronik GmbH

Bremen, 09.05.2023

The Local Court of Syke (Bremen) has appointed GÖRG partner Prof. Dr. Gerrit Hölzle as provisional trustee of Kasper-Elektronik GmbH, based in Groß-Mackenstedt (Lower Saxony). Kasper-Elektronik had previously applied for judicial reorganisation proceedings in self-administration, which were granted by the local court on 03.05.2023. Lawyer Matthias Kühne was subsequently called into the company's management as chief restructuring officer.

Due to a combination of circumstances over the past few years, Kaspar-Elektronik, which mainly manufactures interior components and door systems for local public transport trains, is currently facing an acute liquidity crisis. Delivery difficulties of materials as well as price increases in the materials sector have led to turnover losses and liquidity bottlenecks. The aim of the self-administration proceedings is the sustainable restructuring and reorganisation of the company, if necessary also with the entry of an investor. The provisional trustee Prof. Dr. Hölzle: "The company seems to be well positioned and has a good order situation. I am confident that the self-administering management around my colleague Matthias Kühne will succeed in finding a viable solution for the future."

All 65 employees of Kapser-Elektronik are currently still employed. The employees' wage and salary payments have been secured in full by the employment agency during the preliminary self-administration proceedings. The proceedings are expected to be opened on 1 July 2023.

Business operations will continue in full during the restructuring in self-administration. The existing customer orders will be fulfilled as planned. The most important customers and clients have already promised the company their support on its reorganisation path, which is now being continued in the legal proceedings.


GÖRG Rechtsanwälte/Insolvenzverwalter GbR
Prof. Dr. habil. Gerrit Hölzle (Provisional Trustee, Partner, Insolvency Law)
Christina Baumann (Lawyer, Associate, Insolvency Administration)
Dr. Tim Sperlich (Lawyer, Associate, Insolvency Administration, all Bremen)


Matthias Kühne (Chief Restructuring Officer, Insolvency Law, Offenburg)


About Kasper-Elektronik GmbH 

Kasper-Elektronik GmbH has been in existence since 1970. Over the years, the company has proven itself with the development, production and distribution of electronic controls as well as in the field of pneumatic components. Since 1985, Kasper-Elektronik has been developing, producing and distributing sliding door and partition systems for passenger trains and trams.

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