Newsletter Labour and Employment Law, 03/2015


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our third Newsletter for 2015 begins by focusing on an interesting decision handed down by the Mainz Labor Court regarding the validity of fixed-term employment contracts for professional football players - something which has also attracted plenty of attention in the press. In a surprising move, the Mainz Labor Court concluded that long-term limitations in contracts with football professionals were invalid, which in theory could result in Bundesliga clubs having to field professional players until retirement age unless some reason for termination occurs beforehand.

In addition, we also address questions of occupational integration management, which are becoming ever more important in the lead up to dismissal due to illness. Finally, we cover issues related to limits on the length of employment contracts with retirees (which normally require the existence of an objective reason that is frequently absent), a claim for special payment based on the employer's conclusive behaviour and the indemnification of the works council for legal costs after the appointment of a lawyer.

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