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Attorney (Germany) | Specialist for insolvency law | Specialist for labour law | Partner

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Dr Jörg Bornheimer has been active in the area of bankruptcy/insolvency law, and restructuring and reorganisation of companies since 1995. He is appointed by the insolvency courts of Bonn, Hagen, Cologne and Wuppertal as an insolvency administrator and trustee. In addition to this, he functions as general power of attorney and reorganisation manager within the framework of self-administration proceedings.



Dr Jörg Bornheimer has many years of experience in insolvency and restructuring. As an insolvency administrator and trustee, he has handled more than 1,000 insolvency cases before various insolvency courts. He has also contributed to many insolvency planning procedures.

Beruflicher Werdegang

Dr Jörg Bornheimer is a partner at GÖRG Partnerschaft von Rechtsanwälten mbB. After his law studies at universities in Regensburg and Münster, Dr Jörg Bornheimer completed his legal training in Wuppertal. He was admitted to the bar in 1988.

Dr Jörg Bornheimer gained his doctorate in law at the University of Münster under Prof Werner Merle.

Memberships and awards

  • German Bar Association (DAV)
  • Verband der Insolvenzverwalter Deutschlands e.V. (Registered Association of Insolvency Administrators)
  • Arbeitskreis für Insolvenzwesen Köln e.V. (Working Group for Insolvency Law Cologne)
  • Arbeitsgemeinschaft für Insolvenzrecht und Sanierung beim DAV (Working Group for Insolvency Law and Restructuring in the German Bar Association)
  • Treasurer for the Freunde und Alumni der Bergischen Universität e.V. (Friends and Alumni of the University of Wuppertal)
  • Member of the ICC plenary assembly in Wuppertal
  • INSOL Europe
  • Rotary Club Wuppertal-Süd
  • Gesellschaft für Restrukturierung - TMA Deutschland e.V. (Association for Restructuring - TMA Germany)
  • Awarded the Harry Westermann Prize 1993 by the University of Münster on 12.10.1993
  • Awarded the Hugo-Thienhaus Prize by the Münchener Baugesellschaft, Frankfurt a.M. on 11.02.1994
  • Managing Director of Südhessische Klinikverbund gGmbH, Bensheim

Teaching activities and lectures

  • Dr Jörg Bornheimer is a lecturer at the University of Wuppertal for the Chair of Health Care in the Public Health module "Law in the Health Sector". An essential part of the lecture concerns hospital law, including hospital financing, nursing homes, MVZ, pharmacies, health insurance and competition law (UWG, HWG, AMG, LMIV etc.). In addition, he is a lecturer at the Hagen Law School for training lawyers specialising in insolvency law, with a focus on criminal law, corporate law and international insolvency law.
  • He has given various lectures on hospital restructuring in the run-up to or as part of insolvency proceedings, including at the German Hospital Law Conference, at the DAV "Herbstklausur 2017" event, at a training event by Wolters Kluge Deutschland GmbH and at the Berlin Restructuring Forum by GÖRG. On the occasion of the 10th Handelsblatt (trade journal) annual meeting on restructuring in 2014, Dr. Bornheimer chaired a discussion panel on the topic “Hospitals and senior and nursing homes - how can a restructuring of these institutions succeed?” featuring experts in the sector. He also gave a lecture on the restructuring of pharmacies at the health authority pharmacies conference in Münster.


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