Nicola Holtappels-Hundertmark

Attorney (Germany) | Tax advisor | Employed professional

Nicola Holtappels-Hundertmark, Portrait
Office Hamburg
Alter Wall 20 – 22
+49 40 500360 399
nholtappels [at]

Nicola Holtappels-Hundertmark advises national and international companies, as well as high net-worth individuals, on taxation. She specialises in the fields of corporate succession and restructuring for companies and family businesses, as well as path planning and move planning for natural persons, as well as business partnerships and incorporated companies. An area of particular expertise is the field of restructuring, and tax law relating to restructuring.



Having worked in business for many years, Nicola Holtappels-Hundertmark is experienced in tax and corporate law, and also has a strong economic perspective thanks to her practical experience. Nicola Holtappels-Hundertmark provides advice at the interface of tax, corporate and inheritance law. In particular, she has considerable experience advising on matters of international tax law and reorganisation tax law. Another area of focus is providing tax advice to shipping companies.


Nora Dibbert is an employed professional at BWLS Strunk Stoffersen Partnerschaft mbB. Before joining GÖRG, she worked as a consultant at Boston Consulting Group, at an investment company, and in the planning and commercial management of an issuing house for closed funds. 

After studying law at the Universities of Freiburg and Hamburg, Nicola Holtappels-Hundertmark first worked at Treuhandanstalt (Trust Agency) Berlin, and then completed her legal training in Hamburg, with clerkships at business law firms in Hamburg and Rome (Italy), as well as the Interior Ministry in Dresden. 

She was admitted to the bar in 1998. She qualified as a tax advisor in 2017.

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