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Lawyer | Certified specialist for insolvency law | Certified specialist for commercial and corporate law | Certified specialist for tax law | Partner

Dr. iur. habil. Gerrit Hölzle, Portrait
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Dr Gerrit Hölzle specialises in insolvency administration, acting as an administrator, trustee and in an executive role in self-administration procedures. He also advises companies in crisis situations. He manages our offices in Bremen and Hanover, and has worked throughout the country.



Dr Gerrit Hölzle works as an insolvency administrator, trustee and, in particular, in executive management functions in self-administration procedures. He is an advocate of modern, transparent and solution-oriented insolvency administration, in which cooperation with stakeholders plays a central role. Both when managing insolvency procedures and when providing advice, he always places value on solutions that are both legally sound and also pragmatic in their approach. Gerrit Hölzle has made a name for himself with his preparation of insolvency plans. Dr Hölzle focuses on the manufacturing, automotive and energy sectors, as well as services and commerce. 

Dr Gerrit Hölzle is also a member of the Institute for Commercial Law at the University of Bremen, where he received his post-doctoral qualification in 2011 and has since been teaching as a private lecturer. He is distinguished by a number of specialist publications and comments, and is recognised as one of the leading German experts in insolvency law (WirtschaftsWoche 41/2018).


Dr Gerrit Hölzle has been a lawyer since 2002, an insolvency administrator since 2004 and a partner at GÖRG since 2012.

Before this, he had his own law firm for 10 years after completing his degree at the University of Würzburg with the best grades in his year group. Gerrit Hölzle obtained his doctorate at the University of Cologne, with a thesis on tax law planning models for company acquisition and restructuring, under Prof Dr Joachim Lang. In 2011, he qualified as a university lecturer at the University of Bremen with an economic law topic. In the summer semester of 2019, Gerrit Hölzle was appointed an Honorary Professor by the University of Bremen in recognition of his academic achievements.

In addition to his practical awards, e.g. in WirtschaftsWoche and in JUVE, Dr Gerrit Hölzle also has a number of publications to his name in professional journals, commentaries and handbooks, as an outstanding expert in insolvency law.

Memberships and awards

  • Institut für Handelsrecht an der Universität Bremen (Institute for Commercial Law at the University of Bremen)
  • ARGE Insolvenzrecht im DAV (Insolvency Law Working Group at the DAV)
  • Verband der Insolvenzverwalter Deutschlands (VID) (Registered Association of German lnsolvency Administrators)
  • Forum 270 e.V.
  • Norddeutsches Insolvenzforum (NIF) (North German Insolvency Forum)
  • Deutsche Steuerjuristische Gesellschaft (DStJG) (German Taxation Law Society)
  • Deutsche Zivilrechtslehrervereinigung (German Association of Civil Law Tutors)

Teaching activities and lectures

  • Private lecturer/honorary professor at the University of Bremen 
  • Numerous lecturers at conferences and events


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