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With our many years of experience, we support businesses and investors in their inbound and outbound business dealings related to China.

Our China Desk is made up of experienced German lawyers and lawyers who are native speakers of Chinese and English. As a result, we are able to easily advise clients in German, Chinese and English. We are familiar with the legal systems and ways of thinking in both Germany and China. Our strong relationships with many German-Chinese service providers and authorities have allowed us to build a solid foundation for our quality legal advice.

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Outbound Expertise

Given the rapid growth of China's economy and the increasing willingness of Chinese companies to expand overseas, more and more Chinese companies have invested in Europe, especially in Germany. Over the past ten years, our China Desk has provided legal advice to many Chinese companies concerning their investments, in particular for M&A transactions, real estate projects and other investment activities in Germany and throughout Europe.

With a team of more than 290 lawyers and offices in 5 economic centres of Germany, GÖRG’s China Desk has built up a noteworthy track record in advising Chinese businesses within Germany and throughout the EU.

We provide legal advice to Chinese investors and businesses concerning their investments in Europe and Germany. We advise Chinese clients on all aspects of commercial and business law, specialising in the following:

Mergers and acquisitions 

Advice throughout the entire transaction (strategy, letter of intent, due diligence, tax and legal structures, preparation of documentation, in particular purchase agreements, SPAs, conducting negotiations, merger control clearance and FDI clearance as well as post-merger integration)

Setting up branch offices and subsidiaries

We assist Chinese clients with the incorporation of subsidiaries and branch offices. We also represent clients when notarising incorporation documents.

Advice on everyday business

We provide legal advice regarding everyday business, especially in corporate law, labour law, IT/IP law, commercial contracts and litigation matters

In cooperation with our specialist teams, we also provide high-level legal advice to Chinese companies in the following areas:

  • Real estate transactions
  • IPOs and other capital market transactions
  • Banking
  • Insolvency-related matters
  • Project development and financing
  • Foreign trade and customs law; anti-dumping cases
  • Energy law and real estate law issues

Our practice is also distinguished by our role as a single point of reference for Chinese clients in handling EU-wide and global transactions. This enables our clients to deliver their international products and services efficiently and professionally while benefiting from comprehensive English and Mandarin language support.

Inbound Expertise

China is the German economy’s largest trading partner. For this reason, lots of Western companies are focusing their international activities on cooperation and/or takeover of Chinese companies. Investments by Western companies in China are still regulated to a large extent. Experienced legal advisors, a broad network of excellent local service providers and careful preparation are key factors in ensuring success when entering the Chinese market.

This means that the management of extrajudicial, judicial and arbitration proceedings in China, Hong Kong and Singapore is becoming increasingly important. 

We advise German and European companies on investments and matters of law in China. When doing so, we work closely with some of the best Chinese law firms, tax advisors and other business consultants. We are happy to guide our clients in such matters, manage communications and take over responsibility for the Chinese legal advisors.  

Our practice is particularly focused on the following:

Corporate law

We support Wholly Foreign-Owned Enterprises (“WFOEs”) and joint ventures with Chinese partners in handling matters of foundation or registration, and provide advice on all related matters of labour law, civil law and tax law. We also specialise in complex liquidation matters relating to Chinese companies with foreign participation and insolvency matters for such companies, as well as the sale of shares to Chinese subsidiaries.

Mergers and acquisitions 

On behalf of our clients, we coordinate complex due diligence processes and negotiations with Chinese vendors in company sales in collaboration with a leading Chinese law firm.

International contracts

The negotiation of commercial contracts, such as distribution contracts, cooperation in the field of sales and product development or license contracts are key areas of our advisory activities. In cooperation with lawyers from the countries in question, we also provide advice on contracts that are subject to the laws of other countries.

Dispute resolution and litigation

Legal protection for foreign companies in China is continuing to improve as a result of the development of the Chinese legal and justice systems. The sustainable protection of industrial property rights, such as patents and trade marks, is of great importance to Western companies, as is the enforcement of contractual claims. The China Desk at GÖRG provides Western clients with support in coordinating extrajudicial negotiations with Chinese companies. We also support clients with litigation before national courts and arbitration courts and during communication with the local lawyers who are responsible for the case.

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