Creditors approve insolvency plan for the reoranisation of Seniorenzentrum Wolfhagen gGmbH

Cologne, 02.04.2024

Creditors of the insolvency proceedings of Seniorenzentrum Wolfhagen gGmbH (in self-administration) opened on 1 August 2023 unanimously approved the execution of the insolvency plan submitted by the debtor at a discussion and voting meeting before the Kassel Local Court on 21 March 2024. This paves the way for the termination of the insolvency proceedings

The senior centre's business operations have been fully maintained and continued in recent months. Financing is currently secured. The (restructuring) managing directors and GÖRG partners Dr. Raul Taras and Guido Utsch have succeeded in gaining important contractual partners to continue working with the company.

The dual-track procedure initiated as part of the reorganisation measures ended in the result of a reorganisation by means of an insolvency plan, which was preceded by an M&A sales process lasting several months, carried out by the consulting firm SSC-Consult, in which offers from numerous interested parties were examined and evaluated. The former shareholder of Seniorenzentrum Wolfhagen gGmbH, Stiftung Altersheim Wolfhagen, will once again become involved in the senior centre and was awarded the final bid by the creditors.

GÖRG partner and co-restructuring managing director Dr. Raul Taras was delighted with the result: "After a complex sales process involving around 40 parties, we are delighted that the creditors have agreed to this offer, which is economically viable for them. We wish the senior centre, its employees and residents as well as its old and new shareholders a successful future."

Seniorenzentrum Wolfhagen GmbH filed an application for self-administration with the competent insolvency court in Kassel on 3 May 2023. GÖRG partners and restructuring-experienced lawyers Dr Raul Taras and Guido Utsch were added to the management team as CIO (Chief Insolvency Officer). Both have already successfully supported a large number of companies in crisis situations. Most recently, they worked for the Düsseldorf-based project developer GERCH, among others. The restructuring team was completed by the experienced insolvency monitor Kai Dellit (hww hermann wienberg wilhelm).


GÖRG Partnerschaft von Rechtsanwälten mbB 
Dr. Raul Taras (Chief Restructuring Officer, Partner, Restructuring)
Guido Utsch (Chief Restructuring Officer, Partner, Insolvency Law, both Cologne)


hww hermann wienberg wilhelm
Kai Dellit (Trustee, Partner)

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