GÖRG advises Electrochaea on financing round with participation of Storengy

Munich, 25.03.2019

GÖRG Partnerschaft von Rechtsanwälten mbB has advised Electrochaea GmbH on another financing round under the lead management of Dr. Christian Glauer.

In addition to the existing investors Munich Venture Partners, KfW, b-to-v, Caliza and Focus First, Sorengy also acquired a stake in Electrochaea GmbH as part of the financing round.


GÖRG Partnerschaft von Rechtsanwälten mbB
Dr. Christian Glauer, Associated Partner, M&A/Corporate, Munich
Dr. Bernt Paudtke, Partner, M&A/Corporate, Munich
Dr. Christian Bürger, Partner, Antitrust, Cologne
Tobias Reichenberger, Associate, M&A/Corporate, Munich


Baker & McKenzie Partnerschaft von Rechtsanwälten und Steuerberatern mbB
Holger Engelkamp B.Sc. LL.M., M&A/Corporate, Berlin


Electrochaea offers an internationally patented power-to-gas key technology based on biocatalysis. It recycles CO2 cost-effectively and simultaneously produces storable and versatile renewable natural gas from renewable electrical energy. The first large-scale plant is successfully in operation in Denmark. By 2025, plants with a capacity of more than one gigawatt are to be built.

With its unique bioreactor, Electrochaea's technology offers a solution for energy storage, carbon dioxide (CO2) recycling and the production of renewable fuel in the form of synthetic methane. The unique feature of Electrochaea technology is its own reactor and patented catalyst, which consists of an exceptionally efficient and robust Archaea* strain that converts green electricity to methane along with CO2 and hydrogen. The functionality has been tested and further developed in the world's first and largest biomethanisation plant near Copenhagen, Denmark. The benefits of biological methanisation are impressive; it enables long-term energy storage, decarbonisation of the gas network and gas use (including industry and mobility) and independence from fossil fuels.


Storengy, a 100% subsidiary of ENGIE, is one of the world's leading suppliers of underground natural gas storage facilities. With 60 years of experience, Storengy designs, develops and operates gas storage facilities and offers its customers innovative products based on long experience and reliable technology. The company operates 12.2 billion cubic meters of natural gas storage facilities. Building on its globally recognised expertise and operator and trader experience in storage capacities in Germany, the UK and France, Storengy positions itself as a market leader, particularly in the development of geothermal energy (heating, cooling and power generation) and innovative energy supply. Solutions for the generation and storage of environmentally friendly renewable energy (biomethane, hydrogen, power-to-gas, synthetic methane, ....). Storengy makes its know-how available to its customers all over the world.

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