IT and Telecommunications

Legal requirements are constantly changing. We offer practice-oriented, legally sound collaboration to help you achieve your goals in this demanding field.

Few industries are as dynamic and innovative as the IT and telecommunications sector. New technologies and ideas in this field have dramatically changed everyday life and the business world in recent years, and these changes will continue.

The old boundaries between media, IT, telecommunications and sales are becoming blurred. At the same time, legislators are continually establishing new overall conditions.

You value an innovative and dynamic approach. So do we.

We offer you comprehensive advice from a single source

Companies in the IT and telecommunications sector are not only required to stay at the forefront of technological process and to develop innovative products and services. They also need to guarantee that these services are legally compliant and performed based on sound contracts and conditions. In the process, they have to observe requirements that are relevant for their companies as well as for their customers.

That is where our assistance comes in – with enthusiasm and understanding of new technologies and awareness of the practical and commercial needs of users and providers. We have gained experience in this field from a wide range of other projects. Often, these are only partially similar to the project in question. Still we are able to draw valuable conclusions for legally compliant ways to bring a novel product onto the market.

Regulatory matters

We will help you design and offer your services in compliance with the underlying regulatory conditions. These include the requirements of telecommunications law as well as data protection and consumer protection.

In this regard, we are committed to offering legally compliant, pragmatic and economically efficient solutions.


You require tailor-made contractual foundations for your projects. User-friendly, streamlined standard conditions / general terms and conditions are often the best way to ensure a solid long-term contractual relationship.

However, sometimes complex customised contracts need to be negotiated. You can count on us in either case. We are able to draw on a large base of templates and experience for all circumstances. These include standard conditions for the operation and use of secure, standard cloud solutions or online shops as well as complex development and operation agreements for digital payment methods or telematics solutions.

International projects

We advise projects limited to Germany as well as international projects – for instance, IT solutions or cooperative projects offered across the EU which are implemented in multiple countries. Where needed, we can also advise and negotiate in English. Outside of Germany, we have established working partnerships with local firms that offer particular expertise and experience in the field of IT and telecommunications like us. WeWe also coordinate local specialists and offer you an integrated advice product "from a single source".

Project control and management

Especially for complex technology projects, a major part of the work consists of bringing together technical, commercial and legal knowledge. For instance, service level and sanction models need to fit with the overall commercial solution and neatly tie in with the existing contractual structure.

In such projects, we view ourselves not only as legal advisors, but also as coordinators between the individual workstreams and often as translators who integrate the requirements of various specialists into the contractual framework.

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