Data Protection

We will help you develop beneficial, legally compliant solutions for using and obtaining information and protecting information from third-party access.

Information law is more than just data protection

Data protection is important. That is why we will help you comply with regulations while pursuing an economically reasonable course of action.

Just as important, if not more so, is using and safeguarding all information that you require for your company's success. Our experts will advise you in expanding your information base effectively and protecting it from third-party access.

Use and protect information with the right advice.

Information is valuable – protect it

Data protection

No one can get by without data protection, not least because of the extreme sanctions for violations in this area. Our experts will show you how to minimise risks while still operating economically.

Information law

Information law includes much more than just data protection, which is only a segment concerning personal information. For this reason, our experts will advise you how to use all your information beneficially and retain its value. We deal with information security, freedom of information, protection of confidential information and all other areas of information law.

Our advisory specialisations:

  • Corporate compliance with data protection laws (documentation, operating processes, websites, apps etc.)
  • Cooperation and dealings with authorities (implementation of new data processing methods, solutions in case of doubt and defence against sanctions)
  • Legal requirements for technical measures (data and information security, critical infrastructures, insurance law requirements etc.)
  • Declarations under data protection law (consent, providing information to data subjects)
  • Contracts regarding data (acquisition and sale of personal data, licensing, processing contracts etc.)
  • Assertion and defence against claims according to national and state laws regarding freedom of information
  • Protection of information according to the statutory regulations regarding the protection of confidential information, particularly trade secrets and trade secret law
  • Preparation of non-disclosure agreements (NDAs)
  • Protection of confidential information in court proceedings

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