GÖRG accompanies insolvency proceedings of Aluminium Rheinfelden

Cologne, 29.09.2020

On 22 September 2020, the Aluminium Rheinfelden Group applied to the Lörrach insolvency court for the opening of protective shielding proceedings with individual responsibility. The experienced GÖRG partner Dr. Holger Leichtle was appointed as provisional trustee in the context of an insolvency of the entire group of companies. The self-administering debtors are legally advised by AC Tischendorf Attorneys at Law.

The aim is to consolidate the Aluminium Rheinfelden Group under the granted protective umbrella with self-administration and to set it up for the future.  As a manufacturer of aluminium products, the long-established company with its subsidiaries ALLOYS, SEMIS and CARBON, which are also part of the insolvency proceedings, is suffering severely from the effects of the Corona pandemic on the industry.

Only a few months ago, Dr. Holger Leichtle, the nationally renowned insolvency administrator, moved with his team from Schultze & Braun to GÖRG. With this move, GÖRG's already strong insolvency and self-administration practice was expanded to Southern Germany with new offices in Stuttgart, Ulm and Friedrichshafen.


Administration Aluminium Rheinfelden

GÖRG Rechtsanwälte/Insolvenzverwalter GbR
Dr. Holger Leichtle, Partner, provisional trustee, Insolvency Law, Frankfurt am Main / Stuttgart / Friedrichshafen
Simone Kaldenbach, Partner, Insolvency Law, Frankfurt am Main / Stuttgart / Friedrichshafen

Self-Administration Aluminium Rheinfelden

actlegal Germany, AC Tischendorf Rechtsanwälte
Dr. Sven Tischendorf, MBA, Partner, Commercial and Corporate Law, Frankfurt am Main
Dr. Alexander Höpfner, Partner, Insolvency Law, Frankfurt am Main
Dr. Fabian Laugwitz, MBA, LL.M. Eur., Partner, General Commercial Law, Frankfurt am Main
Dr. Felix Melzer, Attorney, Corporate Law, Frankfurt am Main

About Aluminium Rheinfelden

The Aluminium Rheinfelden Group is a leading manufacturer of aluminium products and supplier for the automotive industry. In 1898, the group founded the first aluminium smelter on German soil, in Rheinfelden, Baden, and today employs a total of 264 people. In 2019, it achieved an annual turnover of around EUR 159 million.

In October 2008, Aluminium Rheinfelden GmbH became a holding company as part of a restructuring process and the former ALLOYS, SEMIS and CARBON divisions were transformed into independent GmbH & Co. KGs.


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