Dr. Holger Leichtle

Attorney (Germany) | Specialist for Insolvency Law | Partner

Holger Leichtle, Portraitbild
Augustenstrasse 1
+49 711 21413 500
Ulmenstrasse 30
Frankfurt am Main
+49 69 170000 27
Prinzregentenstrasse 22
+49 89 3090667 90
Friedrichstr. 53
+49 7541 95419 100
Gideon-Bacher-Strasse 3
+49 731 602699-20
hleichtle [at] goerg.de

Dr. Holger Leichtle is active as an insolvency administrator, trustee and in a board function in self-administration proceedings. In addition, he advises companies in crisis situations. He manages our office in Stuttgart, but he has national references.



Dr. Holger Leichtle works as an insolvency administrator, trustee and, in particular, in executive management functions in self-administration procedures. He is an advocate of transparent and solution-oriented insolvency administration. Cooperation with stakeholders and economic solutions are the maxims of the process. The preservation of know-how and jobs are the main focus.

He is particularly involved in the automotive, mechanical engineering, service and trade sectors. Especially in larger automotive cases he is also appointed nationwide.

Dr. Holger Leichtle is recognized by professional publications and commentaries and has been honored as one of the leading German experts in insolvency law.


Dr. Holger Leichtle has been a lawyer since 2000, an insolvency administrator since 2004 and a partner at GÖRG since 2020.

Prior to this, he was a partner at Schultze & Braun and Viniol Rechtsanwälte for 14 years, where he worked from 2000. Dr. Holger Leichtle completed his doctorate under Prof. Noack at the University of Düsseldorf on the topic "Effects of insolvency on the legal relationships of professional sports clubs".

He completed his studies at the universities of Constance and Jean Moulin in Lyon. 

Memberships and awards

  • Working Group for Insolvency Law and Reorganisation in the DAV
  • Association of Insolvency Administrators in Germany (VID)
  • Stuttgart Bar Association e.V.

Teaching activities and lectures

  • Effects of insolvency on the legal relationships of professional sports clubs
  • Co-author in Braun (eds.) Commentary on the Insolvency Code
  • Co-author in Andreas Schmidt (eds.) Reorganisation law Commentary
  • Essay: Pre-insolvency reorganisation proceedings - cornerstones for a legal regulation - InterestO 50/2016
  • Essay: The insolvency administrator as "business leader" - Requirements and possibilities of release, NZG 2018, 251

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