Gerhard Brinkmann

Lawyer | Specialist for insolvency law | Partner

Gerhard Brinkmann, Portrait
Location Rostock
Schillerstraße 18
+49 381 453785 99
gbrinkmann [at]

Gerhard Brinkmann advises national and international companies on insolvency administration. He specialises in insolvency law and restructuring.



Gerhard Brinkmann advises national and international companies on all aspects of insolvency law. In particular, he has considerable experience advising on corporate acquisitions, reorganisations and restructurings.

The sectors in which he operates include agriculture, logistics and transport and metals.


Gerhard Brinkmann is partner at GÖRG Partnerschaft von Rechtsanwälten mbB, at GÖRG Rechtsanwälte/Insolvenzverwalter GbR and GÖRG Insolvenzverwaltung Partnerschaft von Rechtsanwälten. 

Before joining GÖRG, he worked for around 20 years as a lawyer and insolvency administrator at the law firm Brinkmann & Partner.

After completing his studies in law at universities in Marburg and Kiel, Gerhard Brinkmann completed his legal training in Kiel.

He was admitted to the bar in 1993. He has also been a specialist for insolvency law since 2001.

Memberships and awards

  • Registered Association of lnsolvency Administrators (VID); 
  • INSOL Europe; Interessengemeinschaft Zwangsverwaltung e.V. (Receivership Interest Group)


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