Insolvency Administration

We stand for insolvency and self-administration at the highest level, with a wealth of ideas for economic solutions and a comprehensive understanding of business.

The evolution of insolvency administration, from a purely liquidation approach to one of modern restructuring and reorganisation, often with international aspects, raises expectations for modern insolvency administration.

This applies in complex corporate insolvency proceedings as well as in smaller proceedings, in “classic” insolvency administration as well as self-administration.

Our promise to you: pragmatic structuring of insolvency proceedings instead of just administration.

Excellent and practical solutions

Insolvency Administration

We have been among the ten leading insolvency administration firms in Germany for many years. We work nationally and independently, concentrating on insolvency proceedings of every size, and with extensive expertise in many different industries. In doing so, our conviction is that good insolvency administration is not the result of a single actor, but rather teamwork. Our colleagues - experts with nationwide reputations - are frequently recommended and appointed as administrators for both national and international cases. A few years ago we were recognised by JUVE as firm of the year for insolvency administration, and our staff members are regularly recommended. Seventy leading experts in insolvency law, four of whom are partners in our firm, were distinguished by WirtschaftsWoche 41/2018 from a total of 65 law firms.
Our insolvency administration unit is certified under ISO INSOLV, DIN EN ISO 9001:2015 and GOI.


A reputation grows by taking on responsibility. We take that very seriously. The same way we take our role as trustee seriously, and our operational responsibility as self-administrator. In self-administration, our assistance is not restricted to just giving instructions from the side-lines. We understand the trust placed in us by assuming board responsibility. Our colleagues have been appointed managing directors and members of the board in many large self-administration proceedings, some of them involving very complex group structures, and have managed the restructuring under insolvency law alongside the previous management. We are committed to following the Forum270 principles of proper self-administration.

Insolvency plans

The in-depth expertise of our experts, our ability to let legal creativity shape innovation and improvisation, as well as our desire to always achieve optimal procedural results are what distinguish us. That is why we are also frequently consulted by colleagues from other law firms when they are drawing up insolvency plans, as well as successfully concluding insolvency proceedings with our own insolvency plans, and regularly acting as insolvency administrators, trustees or administrators. Whether it is a question of solving complex corporate or liability structures, or of overcoming obstacles to reorganisation that hinder restructuring outside of insolvency proceedings: we develop practical solutions that are based on both legal expertise and an entrepreneurial foundation.

Creditor committees

The increasing professionalisation of insolvency administration over the past 20 years, as well as constantly increasing demands on insolvency administrators, a shifting of emphasis in the handling of proceedings, and the increasing complexity of structures, are reflected in the increasing responsibility (and liability) of the members of creditor committees. In proceedings in which our colleagues are appointed as administrators, they support the formation of creditor committees with the most professional possible members. In proceedings in which we are not otherwise involved, we are available for professional representation of creditor interests in creditor committees.


Special situations require special solutions. Trusteeships are often a (double-benefit) option when it comes to building confidence in a restructuring concept and managing the associated turnaround, or designing restructuring financing within a legally secure framework. We have extensive experience and expertise in this area.

Preventative restructuring frameworks

Insolvency law is in flux. Evaluation of the latest amendment to the Insolvency Code, on behalf of the Federal Ministry of Justice and Consumer Protection, shows that it will not only lead to renewed changes in insolvency law, it will also have a particular effect on self-administration regulations. Meanwhile, after the trialogue talks at European level, there is now a draft addressing “preventative restructuring frameworks”. The guideline will need to be implemented in national law, leading to a noticeable change to the restructuring and insolvency landscape. We are monitoring this process closely, and participating in the discussion. Whatever changes the implementation in national law bring, we are prepared and will be ready to respond with our usual high quality from day one.

If you are a creditor in one of the insolvency matters being handled by our colleagues, you can register your claim here online on the insolvency table and access reports on the insolvency administration process via the Creditor Information System (CIS). The personal ID number you need to access this system was provided to you in our letter upon delivery of the insolvency order.

The team

Our multi-disciplinary team includes specialists from almost every legal branch, which allows us to solve very complex legal questions in all industries within a very short amount of time. We achieve optimal proceeding results for you - always with a sensitive balance of interests among all parties involved in the proceeding - using our business acumen and outstanding legal expertise.

Our advisory specialisations:

The best results in the shortest length of time, thanks to our technical and expert knowledge. We have particular experience and expertise in the following industries:

  • Automotive
  • Banking and financial services, insurance
  • Construction
  • Security, property protection, money logistics
  • Printing and publishing
  • Services (freelance, business advice and others)
  • Retail (stationary and online, department stores)
  • Renewable energy
  • Electronics and electrotechnology
  • Funds and investment companies
  • Health and social services (particularly hospitals)
  • Hotels and restaurants
  • Real estate, property and residential
  • Information and communication technology
  • Auto trading, maintenance and repair (brand garages and independents)
  • Agriculture and forestry; horticulture and plants cultivation, animal husbandry
  • Metal, wood and plastic processing and handling
  • Human resources
  • Shipping, shipping companies and shipyards
  • Transport (air transport, passenger transport, freight forwarding and warehousing)

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