Restructuring and advice for Distressed Businesses

We offer you professional, goal-oriented advice in cases of crisis and insolvency in order to safeguard, maintain and increase value.

For distressed businesses, goal-oriented advice is essential

Company crises are extreme situations. The future of the business, jobs and livelihoods are at stake. Our work begins at a moment when many other advisors would be at their wits' end. We have the professional knowledge and resources to manage restructuring situations of any size and complexity.

Constructive, clear, professional – and a market leader for decades now in the field of restructuring.

There are always solutionsand we will find them

Out-of-court restructuring advice

GÖRG has earned an excellent reputation with experience gained over decades of practice in the area of restructuring and advice in matters of insolvency law. In addition to distressed businesses, we also advise their management, shareholders or creditors. We also support suppliers and investors in the restructuring phase as well as during their business partner's insolvency proceedings.

The central objectives of advice are value retention for our clients as well as prevention of liability. One particular specialisation of our practice is the restructuring of complex company groups.

Restructuring In-court: Debtor-in-possession proceedings and protective shield proceedings

We have particular experience in out-of-court restructuring and reorganisation measures, well as matters relating to debtor-in-possession proceedings (including protective shield proceedings), whether as an advisor, CRO/CIO (Chief Restructuring Officer/Chief Insolvency Officer) or trustee. 

Our partners regularly take on managerial functions in distressed businesses, which means that they understand crises "from the inside" as well as from an outside perspective. With our experience, we offer the ideal conditions to make debtor-in-possession management a success. Of course, this also includes preparing and implementing insolvency plans. Through close cooperation with the insolvency administrator unit at GÖRG, we ensure the right approach for various stakeholders.

Out-of-court trusteeship and experience as a restructuring partner

We frequently act as an out of court trustee (also in the constellation of true sale arrangements) and have ranked among the Top 3 in Germany for many years now given the number and significance of the cases we have managed. For this kind of trusteeship, we take over the company shares on the basis of complex (intercreditor) agreements and protect the interests of various stakeholders, especially creditors and shareholders. 

Our partners also have a broad range of experience with complex real estate portfolios, many of them with an international component. To prevent insolvency situations, we are frequently asked to assume management positions in order to control the restructuring process and preserve value.

Taxation and special economic issues for distressed businesses

The result oriented approach of our advice has given us broad experience in identifying special economic issues for distressed businesses as well. Working alongside you and in close collaboration with financial advisors in our network or the interdisciplinary experts at BWLS Strunk Stoffersen Partnerschaft mbB, we will find a solution. We are no strangers to complex special matters of tax law in situations involving crisis and insolvency, matters of individual or consolidated financial statements as well as operational restructuring. That is why we keep our eyes on the whole picture and adopt a comprehensive approach to tackling the problems you are facing.

Our additional advisory specialisations:

  • Comprehensive advice for complex financial restructuring, with particular experience in restructuring bonds
  • Distressed M&A
  • Advice in the preparation and implementation of insolvency plans
  • Assuming CRO/CIO roles, SPV management
  • Winding up and out-of-court liquidation of companies
  • Advice for cross-border restructuring and insolvency proceedings (international insolvency law)
  • Enforcement of creditors' interests
  • Representation in creditor committees and ad-hoc committees as well as advice for creditor pools
  • Divestment of distressed companies or business units

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