Hans-Jürgen Rieckhof

Attorney (Germany) | Specialist for construction and architectural law | Partner

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Hans-Jürgen Rieckhof offers advice on real estate law to national and international companies, and to the public sector. He specialises in private and public construction and architectural law.



Hans-Jürgen Rieckhof has worked for more than 20 years in private construction and architectural law, and plant construction law, and has managed the legal aspects of project management of large, complex building projects, in particular in the public sector. He guides clients through all matters relating to the execution of construction work and provide support in the case of infringement of contractual obligations. His professional focus on advice and legal representation of builders, clients, construction firms and architects led to Hans-Jürgen Rieckhof being awarded the title of specialist for construction and architectural law in 2006. He is very familiar with representing interests in and out of court, on behalf of either contractor or client. He also offers regular training to his clients on changes to the law or case law in the areas of law with which he is entrusted. 
As a legally appointed receiver for real estate in the area of enforcement, Hans-Jürgen Rieckhof also has relevant experience in all matters concerning enforcement and insolvency associated with real estate.


Hans-Jürgen Rieckhof is a partner at GÖRG Partnerschaft von Rechtsanwälten mbB. Before joining GÖRG in 2013, he was a lawyer and later also a partner at Brinkmann & Partner.

After taking a law degree at universities in Hamburg and Göttingen, he completed his legal training in Hamburg with clerkships in business law firms and abroad.

He was admitted to the bar in 1995.

Mr Rieckhof became a specialist for construction and architectural law in 2006.

Teaching activities and lectures

  • Regular training for employees of clients in the area of practical application and developments in the law affecting construction and architectural law.

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