Auditing and Business Consulting

Reliable and productive collaboration with our clients is the sturdy foundation of our practice. 

Together with BWLS, our integrated tax advice and auditing company, we always find the right answers to complex tax matters and business management issues.

Our experts have the necessary expertise to identify, analyse and shape commercial and financial configurations, paying particular attention to overarching implications.

We provide you with comprehensive advice in all matters of tax law and commercial law.

Proven security for you.


We are committed to providing cost-effective auditing services to our clients at the highest level.

Experience has shown us that increasing complexity in auditing and consulting tasks requires a high degree of expert knowledge in a broad range of fields. At the same time, we rely on the consistency of the dedicated auditing teams for our clients. This is a core requirement for efficient auditing practice.

Through our company BWLS GmbH Wirtschaftsprüfungsgesellschaft (HRB 132287) based in Hamburg, we offer you a full range of tasks reserved for specialists as well as relevant auditing services:

from auditing annual, interim or consolidated financial statements according to national law for companies in all industries and all legal forms, through to auditor reviews, due diligence and company appraisal as well as special audits.

We are regularly subject to external quality controls conducted by professional supervisory bodies, and we carry out our own internal annual quality controls.

Business consulting

The success of our clients' companies is the aspiration and foundation of our practice. We advise our clients in many matters of business management.

One frequent specialisation of our consulting services is "crisis advice". With distressed companies, it is important to establish stability quickly and get back on course for success. In order to successfully manage these difficult situations and optimally benefit from the latitude available, experience and professional expertise are indispensable.

With our experienced employees, we offer our clients individual solutions for all relevant tax and business management matters for any corporate situation.

Thanks to our extensive network and many years of experience, we also offer efficient support for the communication process with banks and other investors, with the necessary tact and proficiency.

Our advisory specialisations:


Financial statements

  • Legally required and voluntary audits of annual and consolidated financial statements according to the German Commercial Code (HGB) for companies with all legal forms
  • Auditor reviews of quarterly, semi-annual and annual financial statements
  • Audit of annual financial statements according to Sec. 25 of the German Capital Investment Act (VermAnlG)
  • Audit / certification of income attestations according to the German Renewable Energy Sources Act (EEG)
  • Audit of early risk detection systems
  • Audit of compliance systems

Formation / capital measures

  • Audit of the intrinsic value of contributions in kind upon formation and capital increase
  • Audit of the special balance sheet for capital increases from company resources
  • Formation audit / post-formation audit.
  • Audit of company agreements / articles of association
  • Special audit of formation procedures and the correctness of company management measures


  • Merger audit
  • Spin-off / demerger audit
  • Audit of closing balance sheet

Other audits

  • Audit according to Sec. 53 of the German Budget Principles Act (HGrG)
  • Audit according to the German Real Estate Broker and Building Contractor Ordinance (MaBV)
  • Certification according to Sec. 270 b of the German Insolvency Code (InsO)
  • Financial due diligence

Voluntary special audits

  • Audit of restructuring plans
  • Audit of occurring or existing insolvency
  • Excessive debt audit for companies at risk of insolvency
  • Resource allocation audits within public subsidy programmes

Business consulting

Conventional business management advice

  • Preparing budget calculations as well as corresponding target-actual analyses
  • Creating and implementing (complex) reporting systems
  • Introduction of cost centre and cost unit accounting
  • Economic feasibility studies
  • Advice for purchase or leasing decisions

Restructuring and reorganisation

  • Audit of reasons for initiating insolvency proceedings
  • Analysis of liquidity status and control of payment transactions
  • Reappraisal of difficult existing data directly within accounting
  • Preparing integrated business planning including scenario calculations and corresponding reporting tools
  • Determining short-term optimisation measures to maintain solvency
  • Assistance of the company in negotiations with financing partners, shareholders, authorities, customers etc.

Insolvency proceedings

  • Accounting and preparation of annual financial statements in insolvency proceedings in compliance with applicable trade law provisions
  • Tax declarations for companies in preliminary and initiated insolvency proceedings
  • Forensic analyses (insolvency audit, determination of liability claims and other receivables, analysis of accounting)
  • Interim management
  • Optimisation of existing processes and implementation of new processes
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