From company restructuring to detailed questions regarding energy taxes: in our interdisciplinary team, you will always find the right expert.

We will assist you with first-class tax knowledge and interdisciplinary expertise in restructuring your company or for international business transactions. We can also help you optimise your business or resolve matters of succession, as well as ongoing tax declarations or asserting your rights in dealings with the tax authorities.

Comprehensive advice – from a single source

Secure your earnings with us

The internationalisation of tax law is progressing further due to measures implemented by the OECD and the EU. Political decisions are continually causing legal changes at the national level. Tax law is undergoing constant transformation.

We keep up to date in this complex field and will advise you in your tax matters at the highest level.   

Comprehensive advice – from a single source

As lawyers, tax advisors and auditors with GÖRG and BWLS, our integrated tax advice and auditing company, we can offer you a comprehensive advisory approach for your tax law concerns from a single source.

Trust we have earned – for your assets

Our expertise in the field of taxation has earned the trust of renowned national and international companies in various industries and of varying sizes, as well as private equity investors, affluent private individuals and non-profit organisations. We offer advice regarding real estate and business transactions to mid-sized companies, such as family-run companies and their shareholders, as well as institutional and private investors, but also for management in restructuring cases, business transactions or models for the equity participation of executives.

Affluent private individuals also rely on our advising expertise when handling their asset planning and succession or when changing their residence to another country.

One specialisation of our practice is the fiscally optimised arrangement of company transactions and structuring measures regarding corporate law, as well as tax advice for the restructuring of distressed companies, either during reorganisation or within the context of insolvency. Of course, we also represent our clients in disputes with the tax authorities: including legal representation before the fiscal courts.

Economising with proven security

You will also benefit from the economic expertise of our tax advisors and auditors.

Our services include:

  • We conduct business audits, particularly of annual or consolidated financial statements.
  • We issue auditor’s certificates regarding the execution and outcome of the audits.
  • We audit and certify annual and consolidated financial statements
  • We analyse individual concerns and act as your contact for special audits.

In addition to performing tasks reserved by law for auditors, we also provide numerous interdisciplinary advising services on request, including financial due diligence.

Here you find our current brochure Taxation.

Our advisory specialisations:

  • Tax structuring of M&A transactions including:
    • Real estate and private equity transactions for national and international buyers and sellers
    • Tax advice for company purchase agreements
    • Due diligence regarding taxes
    • Advice for start-up companies
  • Tax advice during restructuring as part of crisis management, for reorganisations and within the context of insolvency, distressed M&A transactions
  • Tax planning for management participation and other employee participation programmes
  •  Tax arrangement during asset transfers / succession
  • Sector-specific tax advice in the field of e-sports, investment in crypto currencies and tax matters relating to electronic trade platforms
  • International tax law, including

    • Inbound investments of foreign companies
    • Outbound investments of domestic companies
    • Arrangement of contract relationships between domestic and foreign companies
    • Transfer prices and their documentation
    • Arrangement and structuring involving intangible assets and licences
    • Cross-border share swaps and analogous mergers as well as transfers of registered office or residence

    Tax law for groups of companies including restructuring measures such as mergers, de-mergers, changes of legal form, contributions, share swaps and division of ownership

  • Energy tax law
  • Advice in tax collection procedures
  • Advice / defence in cases of enforcement and other coercive measures adopted by the financial authorities
  • Support of company audits
  • Representation in dealings with the financial authorities, particularly in opposition proceedings, applications for suspension of proceedings, defence against enforcement and other coercive measures adopted by the financial authorities, obtaining binding information and reaching definitive understandings
  • Litigation in dealings with financial and administrative courts
  • Tax advice for adjustments to tax returns and preparation of voluntary declarations as well as assistance in criminal tax proceedings
  • Advice on declarations for all types of taxes, including compliance with disclosure obligations and preparation of annual financial statements

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