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Prof Ulrich Ramsauer offers advice on public commercial law and procurement law to national and international companies, as well as the public sector.

Public Sector


Prof Dr Ulrich Ramsauer provides advice to the public sector and companies in the area of environmental and planning law, as well as other areas of public commercial law. His consultancy includes issues of administrative procedure and organisation law, and constitutional law. 

Prof Dr Ulrich Ramsauer is the publisher and author of the standard commentary Kopp/Ramsauer on constitutional procedural law, publisher of the “Zeitschrift für Öffentliches Recht in Norddeutschland” (Magazine for Public Law in North Germany), and author of many other publications in the field of environmental and planning law, construction law, administrative procedural and proceedings law.


Prof Dr Ulrich Ramsauer has been a lawyer and counsel at GÖRG Partnerschaft von Rechtsanwälten since 2013.

Prior to joining the legal team, he was a professor of public law at the University of Hamburg, and managing director of the Seminar for Public Administration, while at the same time serving as presiding judge at the Higher Administrative Court of Hamburg and director of the senate responsible for environmental law there. 

Prof Dr Ulrich Ramsauer studied law at universities in Tübingen and Hamburg, where he also gained his doctorate (The factual impairments of ownership, in German, 1980). He entered public service in 1976 as an administrative judge, and became a professor in public law at the University of Hamburg in 1981.

He kept both positions until retirement. 

Memberships and awards

  • Vereinigung der Deutschen Staatsrechtslehrer e.V. (Association of German Constitutional Law Teachers) (VVDStRL)
  • Research Center for Environmental Law at the University of Hamburg
  • Teaching award, University of Hamburg
  • Emil-von-Sauer Prize 20
  • Gesellschaft für Umweltrecht (Society for Environmental Law)
  • German section of the International Institute for Administrative Sciences


Teaching activities and lectures

  • Teacher at the University of Hamburg since 1980 Lectures in the area of construction law, general administrative law, constitutional law, environmental law including in particular nature conservancy, and public administration, even into his retirement.
  • Various presentations and seminars, as well as continuing professional development events for lawyers specialising in administrative law.


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