Procurement Law

We support public-sector client and companies with a comprehensive advice portfolio, always tailored to your project.

Our procurement law services encompass a wide range of services for public-sector clients and companies, such as expert opinions for all matters of procurement law. The lawyers on the procurement law team will also prepare and review the contracts required for each procurement process on behalf of companies, without an interface to the remaining tender documents. We also offer project management for procurement law matters and can act as an outsourced awarding agency for public-sector clients.

Finally, we assist clients and companies in conducting post-procurement reviews and help to develop targeted solutions for specific legal issues.

The team at GÖRG also has excellent expertise with (partial) privatisation projects as well as re-municipalisation and PPP projects.

Our advisory specialisations:

  • Construction and infrastructure projects including public-private partnerships
  • Concession contract procedures, including grid concession contracts, outdoor advertising concessions
  • IT procurement
  • Sector orders in the energy and transport industries
  • Waste sector

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