Public Commercial Law

We offer you practical, sector-tailored advice and assist you from the conceptualisation to the implementation phase.

In the field of public commercial law, we offer our clients practical advice from specialists with many years of experience and proven expertise.

We will assist your project from the planning phase to the approval phase through to implementation. Of course, we also represent our clients in courts of all instances, including courts of the European Union.

Excellent advice in all aspects

Through close collaboration with lawyers in other fields within our firm as well as external experts in a wide range of specialised fields, we are able to offer comprehensive legal advice in all relevant matters for the development and execution of projects.

Regulated sectors

Our range of advice encompasses the entire value chain in regulated sectors, particularly in the field of energy, the health and transport sectors as well as the waste sector.

Our team has many years of thorough experience in advising large national and international companies and investors, the public sector along with German state and federal ministries. We assist and support our clients in planning permit and authorisation procedures under public law, as well as the conception of complex contractual arrangements. We have also been assisting transactions in the area of regulated sectors for years now. In addition, we regularly represent clients in court proceedings and arbitration.

In the field of energy law, we have extensive experience in planning, negotiating and implementing generation plants, such as gas power plants, onshore and offshore wind farms, photovoltaic and biomass plants as well as pumped-storage plants as well as battery storage and gas storage facilities.

For infrastructure projects in the transport sector, we draw on a wide range of specialist knowledge, particularly in the area of energy supply lines, public transport / rail transport, ports and lighting.

In the waste sector, we rely many years of experience in advising on disposal matters, handling old landfills and the extension of landfills. We also have particular know-how in waste logistics and the legally sound configuration of material flows.

Environmental law and planning law

Our consulting practice encompasses all areas of environmental and planning law. We advise companies, private project developers and the public sector regarding all matters of planning and implementing construction projects. Examples include: industrial plants subject to approval under pollution control law, infrastructure projects requiring planning approval and projects for which a building permit is needed. Our advice is designed to prevent legal disputes as far as possible. However, we also conduct litigation applying the highest technical standards in courts of all instances, should it become necessary.

Economic administrative law

Economic administrative law is one of the most traditional yet also one of the most diverse areas of public law. Our advice encompasses all significant subareas of economic administrative law, ranging from European law and constitutional law to levy law and municipal laws, along with sector-specific regulations of special administrative laws. The particular challenge of advising in this sector is that our clients often face issues relating to multiple interconnected subareas, each of which requires specific expertise. And we have just the right kind of overarching expertise.

We will support you in long-term planning and execution of projects as well as extrajudicial resolution for conflicts of interest. Of course, we will also assert your interests before the German and European courts of all instances.

Our clients in economic administrative law have always included renowned private and public companies along with the German federal, state and local governments, indirect state administration and large associations.

In the field of constitutional law and European law, we regularly advise clients on difficult matters involving fundamental rights, state organisation, political party and budgetary law. We offer assistance and evaluation of draft legislation and prepare expert opinions regarding issues in constitutional and European law. We represent our clients in all instances of administrative courts, in proceedings before the German federal and state constitutional courts as well as the courts of the European Union, frequently in proceedings of national importance.

In the financially sensitive and legally complex area of municipal levy law and general municipal law, we support our clients with a high degree of professional specialisation and focus, which we also offer in matters of subsidy law and state aid law.

With our years of experience and publicly renowned excellent expertise, we are also able to support you in other special areas of public economic law and special administrative law, such as gambling law, higher education law and regulatory matters of health law.

Our advisory specialisations:

Regulated sectors

  • Energy law
  • Health sector
  • Transport sector
  • Waste sector

Environmental law and planning law

  • Construction planning and building regulations law
  • Specialist planning law
  • Pollution control law
  • Water law
  • Nature protection law
  • Waste law
  • Soil protection law
  • Mining law
  • Expropriation law
  • Protection of historical buildings and monuments

Economic administrative law

  • Municipal commercial law, municipal levy law
  • Municipal law, advice for communities and community associations
  • Special purpose association law
  • European law
  • Constitutional law, protection of fundamental rights, state organisation law, constitutional process law
  • Voting and political party law
  • Budgetary law
  • State aid law
  • Gambling law
  • Health law

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