Antitrust Law

We advise national and international companies regarding antitrust law in Germany and Europe and represent their interests in dealings with authorities and courts.

Our experts have many years of experience in all questions relating to antitrust law. We will help you achieve your business targets quickly, observing practical objectives and in compliance with antitrust law.

As part of our advisory, we collaborate closely with antitrust law specialists from partner firms around the world. 

We will overcome the challenges you are facing and achieve your objectives in matters of antitrust law.

Stay on the safe side with us

What you will gain

You can expect more than legal advice from our antitrust law practice. We will listen to you, apprehend your legal and commercial challenges and assist you with our absolute determination to achieve your goals.

Merger control

Starting in the planning phase for transactions, we will advise you regarding potential merger control risks to ensure that these are considered during the transaction process in good time.

We will help you obtain the necessary approvals from the competent antitrust authorities, conduct proceedings before the German Federal Cartel Office and the European Commission and coordinate applications with cartel agencies worldwide.


For suspected violations of antitrust law, we will help our clients to rapidly clarify the circumstances and pursue an appropriate, consistent defence strategy in order to prevent damages to the company and its employees.

Our work encompasses immediate support in case of investigations by the antitrust authorities, filing leniency applications and handling legal disputes with antitrust authorities and before courts.

Antitrust laws regarding distribution

We support our clients in arranging their distribution systems according to their intended commercial goals and in compliance with antitrust law. In this regard, we also provide advice for arranging cooperation with competitors and companies at upstream and downstream stages of the value chain in order to ensure compliance with antitrust law.

Action for damages

We will help your company to receive compensation for damages caused by cartels as well as defending you against damage claims. Together with our clients, we develop a negotiation strategy to achieve their commercial objectives efficiently.

Compliance with antitrust law

We support companies with the introduction of compliance measures to prevent the massive damages that can be incurred through violations of antitrust law.

Our advisory specialisations:

  • Merger control proceedings before the German Federal Cartel Office and the European Commission
  • Coordination of multi-jurisdictional filings
  • Antitrust proceedings
  • Support in case of investigations by the antitrust authorities
  • Filing leniency applications
  • Negotiating settlements
  • Internal company investigations
  • Compliance systems and employee training
  • Arrangement of distribution agreements
  • Creation of online sale models
  • Action for damages
  • Abuse of a dominant market position

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