Effects of skills shortage: GÖRG advises Nuuday A/S on the relocation of the German call centre to Denmark

Hamburg, 08.04.2020

GÖRG advised Nuuday A/S on the relocation of its German call centre from Flensburg to Sonderburg (Denmark). Nuuday A/S is a subsidiary of TDC Tele Danmak A/S, the largest Danish telecommunications company. Nuuday A/S provides services within innovative digital customer experiences and entertainment. For customer support, a technically leading call centre was previously operated in Flensburg, Germany, which has now been relocated to Sonderburg, Denmark. The reason for the relocation is the skills shortage in Germany. It was no longer possible to reach the number of employees required to operate the call centre.
The focus of the consultation was on legal issues in connection with a cross-border transfer of operations. The central issue was the consolidation and adjustment of very different working conditions, which were based on German law on the one hand and Danish law and collective agreements there on the other. In addition, the consequences of permanent cross-border activity for cross-border commuters had to be explained and regulated, as the social security law situation in Germany and Denmark is very different.

Advisors Nuuday A/S

GÖRG Partnerschaft von Rechtsanwälten mbB
Burkhard Fabritius, MBA, Partner, Lead Management, Labour and Employment Law, Hamburg
Dr. Philine Stamer, LLM,  Associated Partner, Labour and Employment Law, Hamburg
Dr. Frank Evers, Partner, Corporate Law, Hamburg
Dr. Jan-Henric Punte, LLM, Associated Partner, Corporate Law, Hamburg
Prof. Dr. habil. Günther Strunk, Partner, Tax, Hamburg


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