GÖRG appoints eight additional partners from its own ranks

Cologne, 08.05.2023

Last Friday, GÖRG's partners' meeting decided to add the colleagues Dr. Marie Ackermann, Tony Beyer, Dr. Mathias Gellert, Dr. Richard Franz Gerlach, Cornelia Kinast, Dr. Lutz Pospiech, Dr. Matthias Stoeckle and Dr. Henning Wendt to the partnership with effect from 1 January 2023.

"We warmly congratulate our colleagues on their well-deserved inclusion in the partnership. Our new partners are all impressive personalities with considerable experience and outstanding expertise in their respective fields," explains Dr . Christian Wolf, Partner and Spokesman of the Executive Management of GÖRG. "With these appointments, the firm is consistently following its growth path and is strengthening itself particularly in the strategically important areas of corporate law, public commercial law and insolvency administration, as well as banking and finance."

The new partners in overview:

Dr. Marie Ackermann, LL.M. (Paris) joined GÖRG in November 2015 and advises companies and the public sector on public commercial law and procurement law at the Hamburg office. Her focus is on environmental and planning law as well as public sector building approvals. Ackermann also has extensive expertise in advising and assisting with large infrastructure projects and plant construction.

Tony Beyer is a specialist lawyer for banking and capital markets law in the Berlin office. He has been advising clients on banking law and corporate law for GÖRG since March 2014 and is providing litigation for German credit institutes as well as national and international companies. Beyer also offers consultancy on matters concerning banking and capital markets law with a particular focus on contract drafting.

Dr. Mathias Gellert joined GÖRG in February 2013 and works in insolvency law at the Hamburg, Rostock and Schwerin offices. He focuses on insolvency including self-administration, insolvency plan proceedings and extra-judicial restructuring processes. Gellert has extensive experience in continuing and handling insolvent companies from a very broad variety of sectors. 

Dr. Richard Franz Gerlach joined GÖRG in June 2013 and specialises in banking and capital markets law as well as corporate law. From the Cologne office, Gerlach advises national credit institutions and companies as part of litigation, and on the drafting of contracts. His main areas of expertise include advising shareholders and corporate bodies in crisis situations, and assisting with litigation in shareholder disputes.

Cornelia Kinast, Maître en Droit at GÖRG's Munich office, has been advising clients on banking and banking regulatory, and financing since January 2010. She specialises in providing tax optimisation advice to companies and investors for national and cross-border finance transactions, as well as to banks and funds for their structuring matters and investments.

Dr. Lutz Pospiech joined the Munich office in October 2011, where he advises companies on matters of stock corporation and capital markets law. In particular, Pospiech has considerable experience advising on capital market transactions, and providing legal advice in connection with corporate loans. A further area of focus lies in overseeing general meetings and bondholder meetings.

Dr. Matthias Stoeckle joined GÖRG in August 2008 and is also based in the Munich office. His practice focuses on private equity, venture capital and corporate law. In addition, Stoeckle represents nationally and internationally active companies in litigation and arbitration.

Dr. Henning Wendt joined the Hamburg office of GÖRG in September 2013. The specialist lawyer for administrative law advises companies and the public sector on all aspects of public commercial law and procurement law. Wendt has considerable experience in litigation before the German Federal Administrative Court and the courts of instance for administrative jurisdiction, as well as before the award senates of the Higher Regional Courts and the Public Procurement Tribunals.

At the beginning of the year, GÖRG's career committee had already announced the appointment of four counsels and eleven associated partners from its own ranks, who were thus able to reach the next step on the career ladder towards partnership.

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