Dr. Mathias Gellert

Attorney (Germany) | Associate

Dr. Mathias Gellert, Portrait
Office Hamburg
Alter Wall 20 – 22
+49 40 500360 699
mgellert [at] goerg.de

Dr Mathias Gellert works in insolvency administration. He focuses on insolvency administration, including self-administration, insolvency plan proceedings and extra-judicial restructuring processes.



Dr Mathias Gellert has extensive experience in continuing and handling insolvent companies from a very broad variety of sectors, and has contributed to numerous restructuring processes. He also provides creditors, companies and their organisations in the preliminary insolvency phase advice on insolvency law. A further area of focus is the investigation and enforcement of claims under insolvency law, notably appeals (Section 129 et seq. of the Insolvency Statute (InsO) and liability claims (including Sections 43 and 64 Limited Liability Companies Act).


Dr Mathias Gellert is a lawyer at GÖRG Rechtsanwälte/Insolvenzverwalter GbR. 

Before joining GÖRG and studying law, he worked as a banker for a major bank in Hamburg and Rostock.

Following his degree in law at the University of Rostock, Dr Mathias Gellert completed his legal training in Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania. He then obtained a doctorate in law from the University of Regensburg and the Martin Luther University of Halle-Wittenberg under the supervision of Prof Dr Stephan Madaus, on a topic of insolvency law. 

He was admitted to the bar in 2013.

Memberships and awards

  • Norddeutsches Insolvenzforum (NIF) (Northern Germany Insolvency Forum)
  • Rostock and German Bar Association

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