GÖRG elects new Executive Management: Marcus Richter to succeed Thomas Bezani, Jens-Dietrich Mitzlaff and Christian Wolf confirmed in position

Cologne, 25.11.2021

In line with rotation, GÖRG elected the new Executive Committee (GFA) of the law firm at the partners' meeting last Friday in Frankfurt. The partnership confirmed Dr. Jens-Dietrich Mitzlaff (54) and Dr. Christian Wolf (49), who have already been members of the firm's management since 2017 and 2019, respectively, in their positions. Cologne-based labour and employment lawyer Dr. Marcus Richter (46) was newly elected to the three-member GFA. He succeeds Dr. Thomas Bezani (56), who was a member of the management for 14 years and did not stand for re-election.

Thomas Bezani has set benchmarks as Managing Partner 

"On behalf of all partners at GÖRG, we would like to thank Thomas Bezani for nearly one and a half decades as Managing Partner, during which he decisively shaped the identity of the firm. His unagitated and focused work have set benchmarks." With these words, his GFA colleagues Christian Wolf and Jens-Dietrich Mitzlaff pay tribute to Thomas Bezani's longstanding commitment to the firm's management. 

Consistent continuation of the generational change

With Marcus Richter, a partner joins the GFA who has gained extensive management experience as head of the labour and employment law serviceline and as a member of the firm's advisory board. In the GFA, he will be responsible in particular for the "Human Resources" department. With his election and the simultaneous new appointments to other key positions in the firm, the partnership is also consistently continuing the initiated generational change in the firm's management. "Here at GÖRG, I have always received the support, but also the freedom, which it takes to develop as a lawyer and to be able to successfully go one's own way. For this, I am as grateful as I am committed to the partnership", Marcus Richter comments on his election and adds: "It is therefore an honour and a pleasure for me to now take up the position in the GFA. I can only express my gratitude for the trust placed in me and promise that together we will approach the management and further development of the firm in a highly motivated manner and in the interests of our partnership."

New appointments to other key positions

In addition to the GFA, other key positions at GÖRG were newly filled: Dr. Bernt Paudtke (51), corporate lawyer and VC expert at the Munich office, has been elected as the new head of the Corporate/M&A/Tax serviceline. In addition, Berlin real estate lawyer Jan Lindner-Figura (59) will hand over the management of the real estate serviceline to Silvio Sittner (44), also from Berlin. Furthermore, labour and employment lawyer Burkhard Fabritius (50) was elected to succeed Dr. Thorsten Bieg (54) as head of GÖRG's Hamburg office. Frank Evers, Jan Lindner-Figura and Thorsten Bieg did not stand for re-election. They too deserve great thanks for the commitment they have consistently shown in the offices they have held for many years.

The advisory board of the law firm is composed of the heads of the servicelines, the heads of the offices and the members of the firm's management. Among other things, the board decides on major investments, various partner issues and is responsible for the strategic development of the law firm together with the GFA.

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