Christian Schulze

Lawyer | Specialist for insolvency law | Commercial lawyer (University of Bayreuth) | Associate

Christian Schulze, Portrait
Location Hagen
Feithstraße 177
+49 2331 62506 21
chrschulze [at]

Christian Schulze works primarily in insolvency administration. He comprehensively advises and represents companies and private individuals in insolvency law and restructuring.



Christian Schulze has worked in insolvency administration and reorganisation advice since 2009, and has been appointed as an expert, insolvency administrator or trustee in over 500 actions. In addition, he advises and represents companies, their directors and officers on all questions of how to avoid and defend insolvency proceedings and liability claims. He also advises and represents creditors, securing and enforcing insolvency law claims.


Christian Schulze is an associate at GÖRG Partnerschaft von Rechtsanwälten mbB.

Before joining GÖRG, he worked as a lawyer at medium-sized law firms in Marburg and Hagen.

After studying law at universities in Bayreuth and Münster, Christian Schulze completed his legal training in Dortmund.

He was admitted to the bar in 2010.

He was appointed “specialist for insolvency law” in 2014.


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