SONA Germany rescued by means of a transferable reorganisation

Wuppertal, 02.11.2020

The two insolvent companies of SONA Germany, SONA BLW Präzisionsschmiede GmbH and SONA AUTOCOMP Germany GmbH, have been taken over by Winning BLW GmbH and Winning BLW Management, companies of Winning Automotive a.s., Brno (CZ), within the scope of an asset deal with economic effect from 01.10.2020, after insolvency applications had already been filed by SONA Germany in January 2020.

SONA Germany is a leading supplier in the automotive sector, specialising in complex precision forgings. It mainly supplies parts for passenger cars, trucks and industrial applications. SONA Germany has three production plants in Germany (Remscheid, Duisburg, Munich). Within the framework of the asset deal, which was based on an investor process with an international market approach, the insolvency administrator, GÖRG partner Dr. Jörg Bornheimer, succeeded in retaining all locations and rescued around 960 of the more than 1200 employment relationships. A rescue company was founded to ensure a smooth transition process.

Advisors SONA Germany

GÖRG Partnerschaft von Rechtsanwälten mbB / GÖRG Rechtsanwälte/Insolvenzverwalter GbR
Dr. Jörg Bornheimer, Insolvency Administration, Wuppertal
Christian Schulze, Insolvency Administration, Hagen
Dr. Frank Wilke, Labour and Employment Law, Cologne 
Dr. Alexander Kessler, M&A, Cologne
Dr. Andrea Zimmermann, M&A, Cologne
Claus Christopher Schiller, M&A, Cologne
Dr. Thomas Lange, Finance, Cologne
Dr. Damien Tigges, Real Estate Law, Cologne


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