Commentary on the Economic Stabilisation Fund Act (WStFG) (only available in German language)

"C.H.BECK; Buch 2021"[C.H. BECK; Book 2021]


 "Kommentar zum Wirtschaftsstabilisierungsfondsgesetz (WStFG)" [Commentary on the Economic Stabilisation Fund Act (WStFG)]

First commentary on the StFG and WStBG published by C.H. Beck Verlag (Becker/Heyder/Paudtke)

Around 20 of our experts have published the first commentary on the EUR 600 billion Economic Stabilisation Fund (ESF). It provides a practical explanation of the requirements, approval and implementation of stabilization measures under the WStFG. The new commentary offers corporate lawyers, attorneys, tax advisors, auditors, corporate and financial advisors, and financial services companies valuable advice on the rights and obligations of companies in the case of state aid. Possible pitfalls are highlighted and practical assistance is explained.

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