Dr. Heiko Hofmann

Attorney (Germany) | Specialist for procurement law | Partner

Dr. Heiko Hofmann, Portrait
Office Frankfurt am Main
Ulmenstrasse 30
Frankfurt am Main
+49 69 170000 27
hhofmann [at] goerg.de

Dr Heiko Hofmann advises national and international companies, as well as the public sector, in the field of public commercial law, especially German and European procurement law. He specialises in advising clients on (structural) matters relating to procurement law in connection with complex procurement procedures, in the fields of construction, supply and service provision, as well as licence awards in the energy sector.



Dr Heiko Hofmann advises all levels of the public sector, in particular the federal states/state ministries, as well as cities and municipalities, in addition to private companies, on all matters of public commercial law, in particular national and European procurement law. He has considerable experience in advising on matters of procurement law, in particular the structuring of complex procurement plans in the fields of construction, supply and service provision, as well as negotiating associated service contracts. Dr Hofmann is also experienced in the preparation of contracts, for example framework contracts, in order to optimise procurement structures in the public sector, as well as the preparation/structuring and/or redesigning of internal award regulations on the part of the customer. One of his areas of specialisation as part of managing competitive selection procedures is providing legal advice regarding the award of service concessions and licences in the energy sector in accordance with Sections 46 et seq. German Energy Act (EnWG).

Dr Hofmann also advises the bidder in tender procedures. In this respect, his fields of activities also specifically include advising private companies throughout the tendering process in order to prevent (exclusion) risks due to matters of procurement law, and to achieve an optimum competitive position.

Dr Hofmann also specialises in representing both customers and bidders in review proceedings regarding matters of procurement law, before public procurement tribunals and award senates of the higher regional courts.


Dr Heiko Hofmann is a partner at GÖRG Partnerschaft von Rechtsanwälten mbB. Before joining GÖRG in May 2009, he worked as a lawyer at a major law firm in Frankfurt.

After studying law at the Johannes Gutenberg University Mainz, Dr Hofmann completed his legal training in Frankenthal with a clerkship at an international business law firm in Moscow (Russia). He subsequently gained his doctorate in law from the Johannes Gutenberg University Mainz under Prof Dr Dreher LL.M, with a thesis on civil law and procurement law.

He was admitted to the bar in 2007-

Memberships and awards

  • forum vergabe e.V. (Procurement Forum)

Teaching activities and lectures

  • Dr Hofmann is a lecturer in international public law at the Worms University of Applied Sciences.
  • Dr Hofmann is a co-author of various standard commentaries/texts on procurement law (e.g. Beck’s Vergaberecht, juris Praxiskommentar Vergaberecht, Müller-Wrede/Braun – Kommentar zum KonzVgV, juris-PraxisReport-Vergaberecht), the author of publications and presentations on the topic of procurement law and licence awards/energy, as well as a regular speaker at seminar events throughout Germany (e.g. Bundesverband für Wohnen und Stadtentwicklung (vhw), forum vergabe e.V., IBR seminars etc.).


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