GÖRG advises on portfolio management and sale of „XXL“ portfolio in northern Germany


[Cologne, ] In the context of a comprehensive legal advisory mandate which began already in 2010 GÖRG has advised an institutional investor on the portfolio management and the structured individual sale of 22 office assets in northern Germany known as the “XXL portfolio”. The sales process was finalized successfully with the closing of the last three individual transactions at the end of November. Argoneo Real Estate (now Apleona GVA Real Estate Advisors) had been mandated with the asset management of the portfolio since 2007.

On 30 November the closings of the sales of “Doppel-X-Haus”, Hamburg, with 17,000 sq.m. rental area, of the directly neighboring so called “Künstlerhaus” as well as the close-by “Victoria Office” with approximately 20,000 sq.m. rental area took place simultaneously. GÖRG advised and supported the owner comprehensively in legal matters with regard to the sales of „Doppel-X-Haus“ and „Künstlerhaus“. LOSCHELDER RECHTSANWÄLTE Partnerschaftsgesellschaft mbB provided legal advice regarding the sale of „Victoria Office“.

The closings marked the successful conclusion of a cooperation which had been begun in 2010 and that encom-passed comprehensive legal advice on tenancy and construction law matters as well as on public law in addition to the legal support regarding several individual disposals. Dr. Markus Heider, lead management for the disposals which GÖGR advised on: “With our long standing experience in management and transactions GÖRG has contributed significantly to the purposive upgrading and sale of the portfolio. The disposal of the last three assets, which was managed in a professional manner by Apleona, tops off the mutual efforts of the last years.”

The real estate team at GÖRG’s Cologne office, headed by partners Dr. Markus Heider and Dr. Wolf zur Nieden, show vast experience regarding advice on portfolio sales and ongoing legal support of portfolios. Just recently they announced the successful sale of the last asset of the so called Sanchez portfolio, marking the end of that structured disposal of 110 assets which GÖRG also had accompanied in the past seven years.

Advisors owner XXL portfolio

GÖRG Partnerschaft von Rechtsanwälten mbB
Dr. Christian Wolf, Partner, Restructuring Management, Cologne (Lead Manager Mandate)
Oliver C. Nobel MBA (Wales), Partner, Restructuring Management, Frankfurt
Dr. Markus Heider, Partner, Real Estate, Cologne (Lead Manager Disposals)
Dr. Wolf zur Nieden, Partner, Real Estate, Cologne (Lead Manager Tenancy Law)
Dr. Thomas Christner, Partner, Public Law, Cologne
Dr. Wolfgang Prinz, Partner, IP/IT & Outsourcing, Cologne
Jan Schellenberger, Partner, Real Estate, Cologne
Dr. Elisabeth Strüwer, Associated Partner, IP/IT & Outsourcing, Cologne
Dr. Damian Tigges, Associated Partner, Real Estate, Cologne
Sarah Theus, Associated Partner, Real Estate, Cologne
Malik Djouah, LL.M., Associate, Real Estate, Cologne

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