Litigation and Arbitration

We will find the right strategy for conflict resolution and then adopt this approach consistently with our specialists in all areas of business law.

Successful conflict resolution – the right strategy is what matters

We will advise you in all legal disputes and collaborate with you to find economically viable ways of resolving conflicts.

If litigation is necessary, we will represent you in all court and arbitration proceedings.

Our practice is not restricted to drafting legal documents; instead, we take on all aspects of litigation.

With the right strategy, we will ensure the success of your business.

The strategy for your success

Court disputes

During litigation, we will adapt your statements in a way to ensure they are legally sound and persuasive in the case. We also always aim to reach an economically viable conclusion in court disputes. Our years of experience in litigation of all magnitudes and our specialists' expertise in all areas of commercial law will work to your benefit.

Arbitration court disputes

Disputes in courts of arbitration work differently: the first concern is properly drafting an arbitration clause and selecting the most favourable jurisdiction possible for your matter. Selecting the right arbitrator is at least as important as a legally accurate and factually persuasive submission.

We will assist you with our years of experience and our extensive network of experienced arbitrators.

Our advisory specialisations:

  • Legally sound drafting of relevant contract provisions (drafting contracts to avoid conflict, selecting the place of jurisdiction etc.)
  • Early selection of a promising strategy along with clear and objective assessment of the available alternatives
  • Elimination of existing contract risks and support in handling contracts
  • Seeking out opportunities for extrajudicial dispute resolution as a strategic advisor or negotiator
  • Continuous review of the conflict strategy considering legal and economic perspectives
  • Selecting a favourable court or arbitration court
  • Taking over all aspects of litigation
  • Determining the relevant merits of the case in direct coordination with employees or external third parties
  • Safeguarding evidence for use in court
  • Cooperation with expert witnesses (auditors, technical experts etc.)
  • Carrying out appropriate public relations work during litigation
  • Clear recommendations for filing appeals
  • Enforcement after successful outcome of litigation in Germany and abroad

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